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News center

News center

How to repair the Se drum in printer
The Se drum, also known as OPC, is the most important part of laser printer, directly affecting the quality of printing. If something goes wrong, how do you fix it yourself?
Why the price of toner cartridge is so different
In printing supplies market, we found the same type of toner cartridge, the price difference can be up to 4,5 times more, what is the reason?
RemaxWorld Expo is the largest trade show for the print consumables industry. The event has been held annually since 2007 in the print consumables capital of the world—Zhuhai
Competition between original and general consumables
how to choose the printing consumables, original or general? It really depends on your money and needs.
In the small workshop, the fake toner cartridge is worth 960,000 yuan.
Jiangmen daily news (reporter/li qianfan correspondent/gao yuan) toner cartridge is an important part of the printer, which has a direct impact on the quality of printing. The HP toner cartridges, whi
Industrial manufactured goods such as bearing and toner cartridge are fake "new favorites"
Evening news recently, the procuratorial organs in the city the focus of public prosecution to 22, ipr infringement cases involving 32 of the defendant, a total value of more than 29.83 million yuan,
Shenzhen longgang seized a "shanzhai" toner cartridge processing plant.
At the end of June, Mr. CAI, the police chief of shenzhen longgang police, reported that he had purchased a copy of the HP ink box, and the goods were sent to a village in pingdi city, shenzhen. Ping
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