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In the small workshop, the fake toner cartridge is worth 960,000 yuan.

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In the small workshop, the fake toner cartridge is worth 960,000 yuan.

Jiangmen daily news (reporter/li qianfan correspondent/gao yuan) toner cartridge is an important part of the printer, which has a direct impact on the quality of printing. The HP toner cartridges, which enjoy good sales and reputation in the industry, have become the object of many illegal "shanzhai". Public security said recently, jiangmen, reed the policemen through the analysis of the clues to the touch, smooth solve a counterfeit registered trademark, seized 960000 yuan worth of counterfeit HP drum unit.


On April 16, 9 PM, jianghai public security from guangzhou gen product intellectual property service co., LTD. To report after clues, music and the policemen in jurisdiction li lele auspicious, inside a building east road no. 23, captured the criminal suspect dolphins began, zhang, huang. At that time, the three people were conducting laser marking, labeling, packaging and packing of a batch of toner cartridges.


After investigation, the room is a processing workshop with no business license and no authorization from HP. Suspects dolphins began (male, 46, jiangxi jiujiang) is the head of the processing workshop, its replacement since April 2018, in zhuhai xiangzhou district has injected a nameless factory buy a batch of selenium drum, hired after zhang and huang to participate in the production and processing, the drum unit, "HP" label on counterfeit production code, and then sold at a high price.


By counting, the scene seized the finished HP drum unit, 13 species, a total of 2418 cigarettes, worth about 960000 yuan, otherwise boxes, electrostatic bag, a large number of HP label, as well as a variety of production and processing tools.


After the trial, wei had confessed to the crime of producing toner cartridges. The criminal suspect has been detained according to law, and the case is being further investigated.