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Industrial manufactured goods such as bearing and toner cartridge are fake "new favorites"

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Industrial manufactured goods such as bearing and toner cartridge are fake "new favorites"

Evening news recently, the procuratorial organs in the city the focus of public prosecution to 22, ipr infringement cases involving 32 of the defendant, a total value of more than 29.83 million yuan, a powerful blow to the crime of infringement of intellectual property. Procuratorial organs relevant controller introduces, this year network infringement of intellectual property crime is outstanding, and manufactured goods such as bearing, drums became except bags, alcohol and tobacco are counterfeit registered trademark "to be bestowed favor on newly".


The head of the financial prosecutions office of the city procuratorate said that this year, the infringement of intellectual property rights through Internet technology has been prominent. "A lot of cases in stealing technology, products, promotion, after-sales service link to have a clear division of responsibilities, organized, formed a 'research production and marketing through-train' close 'industrial chain, and pranks concealment, social harmfulness is serious. "As a director of investment management co., the use of a reservoir can be aware of, contain the company business secret operation automatic futures trading system and the system background data of the convenient conditions, unauthorized use of the trading software, such as Lv Mou 23 account for futures trading, and agreed profit into. In more than a year, the transaction gained a total of 3.5 million yuan, and a person was allocated more than 540,000 yuan. In view of the great loss caused by the act to the commercial secret obligee, the procuratorate of pudong new area has prosecuted the storage of the store for suspected infringement of commercial secrets.


It is understood that infringing products in addition to the rental store in a downtown location, hawking, online selling fake designer clothes, bags, watches, the daily necessities of life such as alcohol and tobacco, also appeared more profitable and easier to form a certain industrial scale of fake brand manufactured goods. Drum is the most key components of the laser printers, print quality is good or bad, in fact, in the very great degree is decided by the drum unit, the strong market demand stimulated lawless lust, unexpectedly someone starts to produce counterfeit drum unit.


In December 2012, jinshan district public security organs found that a large number of brand harmony a couple selenium drum shell, through taobao drum unit sales of the brand, then initiate an investigation, after the two will be captured and transferred to the golden hill's procuratorate examination and prosecution. In June 2011 to December, harmony a couple registered "drum unit firm" online store on taobao, with two phone card issued to the central office in the company, unit, set forth the recycling drum unit, ink cartridge. After the door with 20 to 50 yuan price recovery, again in the online purchase toner filling into the empty drum, and online purchasing packing equipment into a new drum unit, finally, in "drum unit firm" taobao shop for sale. For these filling cartridges, the online shop has labeled "original" and "authentic", indicating "original brothers, HP, samsung toner", etc., and the selling price ranges from 131 yuan to 499 yuan. As of the time of the crime, the two men sold more than 290,000 yuan of fake brand toner on the Internet.