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How to repair the Se drum in printer

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How to repair the Se drum in printer

The Se drum, also known as OPC, is the most important part of laser printer, directly affecting the quality of printing.The usual faults of OPC are scratches, fatigue and aging,is shown as a dark image,black lines and so on.  
If something goes wrong, how do you fix it yourself?
1. For fatigue faults, the toner cartridge can be set for a period of time, and the fault will disappear automatically.
2. When printing is parallel to the white line on the long side of the paper, the toner inside the toner is mostly deficient or the toner is damaged.Open the top cover of the laser printer, take out the toner and shake it around, and then put the toner inside the machine.
3. If the above fault phenomenon occurs during printing, it is mostly caused by toner fatigue or damage.In case of this situation, the following methods can be adopted to repair: purchase some chromium trioxide from the chemical reagent store, take 3-5 grams each time, dip some chromium trioxide directly into the skimmed cotton, and wipe it gently, evenly and without omission along the direction of the sensor drum shaft.Be careful when wiping to avoid scratching the sensitive eardrum with nails and other hard objects.Also can not be too strong, to prevent the film will be worn out of the sensitive drum.With this kind of method, the surface layer of the sensitive drum that fatigue can be removed, expose the photosensitive surface that has not yet aged, through the sensitive drum that repair above, can be re-exported generally more than a thousand pieces of paper, make the life of the sensitive drum can be continued.
4. If the photosensitive film of the photosensitive drum has fallen off, it cannot be repaired by this method, only a new drum can be replaced.