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Competition between original and general consumables

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Competition between original and general consumables

With the popularity of the printer,the market of printing consumables is also in rapid development.
Due to the expensive original consumables, most users chose to use the general consumables.In general use the original material,the printing quality is better,but there are some general consumables are better than the original ones in quality, and a kind of situation is that some users don't need high quality printing effect.So how to choose the printing consumables, most users are often confused, it really depends on your money and needs.
In fact, most users are stuck in the original packaging of high quality consumables.This is understandable, after all, since the printer entered China, the international consumer goods giant has been preaching this theory.Just the so-called lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth, how can ordinary users be recognized?The international consumable material giant produces "original outfit myth" the purpose only has one: form monopoly, seek profiteering.As is known to all, the price of original packaging consumables is 30%~70% higher than that of general consumables.High price has made the majority of user complaints, according to the statistical investigation, China has 86% of the users complain about original material price is too expensive, the proportion was declared the original consumables vendors lost almost all of the hearts and minds.
How to maintain that huge profit margin in the face of increasingly hostile users?The word "quality" full of justice is pushed to the front by the original manufacturer.More adopted, for example, at the same time, in order to weaken the general manufacturers within the cartridge chips, with formula, the size of the ink cartridges, ink cartridges patent barriers to manufacture a variety of means such as structure, in order to do everything possible to prevent general vendor's product development and production.
However, with the development of the technology of general consumables co., LTD., the original consumables are becoming more and more "untenable". The quality of more and more general consumables companies in China has defeated the original consumables.HuiMei paper, for example, in the image output industry has become a well-known brands, many have "stupid" printer manufacturers, recommend that users used is the photographic paper their printer output for pictures.
In the eyes of most users, picture printing is much more difficult than text printing due to its rich color and complex layers, so the general consumables cannot cope with such high requirements of printing.In fact, this idea is not entirely correct.Because of this, over the years, the original packaging consumables have been able to stay at the top of the industry for a long time with the price 30%~70% higher than the general consumables.Interests as a winner, original consumables manufacturer the natural happy to turn a blind eye to the misunderstanding even deliberately, but as an ordinary user, because sometimes it and pay a high cost for a long time, really huge losses.Therefore, when purchasing, only careful to avoid the mistake, choosing the most suitable solution is the fundamental way.
The highest quality of "original consumables" has become "the past". We keep a clear head and choose a high quality and suitable consumables.