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Shenzhen longgang seized a "shanzhai" toner cartridge processing plant.

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Shenzhen longgang seized a "shanzhai" toner cartridge processing plant.

At the end of June, Mr. CAI, the police chief of shenzhen longgang police, reported that he had purchased a copy of the HP ink box, and the goods were sent to a village in pingdi city, shenzhen. Ping to immediately launched MoPai after police station criminal investigation, has seized in ping to west lake pond a neighborhood street at a "shanzhai" selenium drum cartridge processing plant, the capture of the workshop director Ceng Mou inscription, and seized suspected counterfeit HP brand trademark signs a batch, and the ink cartridges, drums tens of thousands of pieces.


After interrogation, the suspect said that he did not have the qualifications to produce the famous toner cartridges, such as HP, Canon and epson. The small workshop in the village of nakamura made a profit from packaging and reselling the toner cartridges, which were not even known to the brand. Police introduced the cost of a dozen of ink cartridges, labeled "HP", "value" immediately sold to hundreds of yuan. The ordinary sales way of the workshop is mainly through alibaba, because it is lower than the market price of the original toner cartridge, and the daily inquiry and purchase are not in the minority.


The suspect has been detained by police on suspicion of illegally making a registered trademark, and the case is being further investigated.